Decoloniality London Workspaces

two handsOverview of all the Workspaces to take place on weekday evenings from 7-10pm:

Module 0 – Ending The World
Module 1 – Decolonising Pedagogy
Module 2 – Strategic Responses to Violence

Module 3 – Decolonisation
Module 4 – Decoloniality

Future modules will be centred around the following topics:

Indigenous Cosmologies
Black Study
Critical Islamism

Decolonising Health
Decolonial Love
Decolonial Aesthetics

For more information on how to attend contact us.

Places for the workspaces are primarily reserved for black and other non-white people

DL envisages participants enrolling for the entire duration of the Workspace series. This is because all modules are understood to contribute towards the pluriversal vision at the core of the decolonial project. For this reason, there is a requirement to enrol on the first two modules – “Ending the world” and “Decolonising Pedagogy”.

Currently, we are only able to provide these Workspaces on a weekly basis with a limited number of participants attending each session.

We believe it is important to make the Workspaces accessible to a wide audience, and for this reason most of the sessions – depending on the content – will be recorded and the recordings, presentations and reading suggestions made available via this website.

Upcoming Workspaces - October / November 2015

Name ModuleNr of sessions and occurrenceDates TimeVenue (area)
Module 2: Strategic Responses to Violence3Postponed until further notice7-10pmStepney Green
Module 3: DecolonisationtbcFridays: tbc7-10pmNew Cross


All Workspaces are free and none of the facilitators receive any renumeration for their work. In order to work together effectively, we ask facilitators and participants to meet the following requirements and commitments:

Participant Requirements:

  • A commitment to attend all sessions of the enrolled module(s), unless there are reasonable extenuating circumstances.
  • If you cannot attend a session, you should give as much notice as possible to the facilitator(s).
  • Any preparatory study materials deemed compulsory by the facilitator(s) must be read, watched or listened to before the associated session.
  • If you are unable to attend a session, you must study the associated material and listen to the recording of the session.
  • Punctuality: please arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of each session.
  • Please respect the physical and social spaces within which sessions take place.

Facilitator Commitments:

  • A commitment to the aims and ethos of DL.
  • A commitment to an agreed timetable.
  • Punctuality: facilitators must arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of each session.
  • Facilitators must make themselves available outside of study sessions to those who may have enquires about the module’s topics, texts or other materials.
  • All sessions will be planned in advance.
  • All study materials used in a session, such as slides, audio or video clips, will be made available to participants.
  • All facilitators will, during the course of their module, think about means by which to implement and contribute towards decolonising pedagogy.