Decolonial Love

We are never going to get anywhere as long as our economies of attraction continue to resemble, more or less, the economies of attraction of white supremacy.

Junot Diaz

Love, as an emotion and a force has a great impact on our lives. Our understanding of love comes from and within a history, culture and politics. In a world organised by anti Blackness and White Supremacy, how we love, what and who we love as well as and what we are attracted to is not just reflective of the world we live in, but arguably
sustains it also.

In this module we will together investigate these issues, as well as explore together what Decolonial Love is and how we could live in this way, taking into account the following points:

– From Pandora to German Romanticism and Disney colonial affection.

– Self-love. How to deal with our Egos in an Egocentric racist society.

– Communal living vr individualistic lifestyle (family and friends).

– Interracial love or Eugenics?

– Sexuality “other” or Queer universal as the new commodification of bodies?

– Music is NOT a “UNI-versal” language (in a colonial matrix of power).

– Ancestry. Money God and Christendom values.