Session 2: Who is human?

In this session we will be discussing the history of liberalism and many of the contemporary values associated with modern liberal democracy, such as freedom, rights and equality by addressing the question: who is human?

In preparation, we’re asking you to read, listen and/or do the following:Vitruvian_Man

1) Charles W. Mills’ Kant’s Untermenschen” (34 pages) or listen the audio recording
2) Walter Mignolo’s “Citizenship, Knowledge and the Limits of Humanity” (35 minutes)
3) Look up as much information as you can on Vitruvian Man


Also, we will be talking about Wynter’s essay “The Pope must have been Drunk, The King of Castille a Madman: Culture as Actuality and the Caribbean Rethinking of Modernity” (53 minutes) so if you haven’t had a chance to read / listen to it, please do so for this Monday.