Module 4: Decoloniality


The purpose of this module is to facilitate a broader description of decoloniality, taking as a point of departure 1492 (the Atlantic and the ‘Americas’) and its crucial relation to a global modernity-coloniality project, making clear the differences between decoloniality and ‘post-modernity’, ‘anti-colonialism’, ‘de-westernisation’, and exploring its transitions and possibilities.

From 500 years of indigenous resistance in Abya-Yala and among Black Caribbean thinkers to the contribution of “Latin American” decolonial scholars, we aim to find a balance between indigenous cosmologies, black thinkers and academia, pursuing an ethical liberation project open to everyone beyond academic boundaries.

Complementing this Atlantic-centric perspective, we will also explore the contributions of South-Asian decolonial thinkers and activists associated with the multiversity project and other initiatives.